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dataND is accessible to all ND faculty and staff.  If your log in attempt results in an error message similar to the one below contact us.

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  • I did an 'Excel" download and now I cannot seem to find it using Excel.  What do I need to do?
  • for more information see the Tableau section of the left menu.

What is "governed" data?

"Governed" data are data elements that have undergone a review and verification process to establish and clarify a single, campus-wide definition for that data element. This process includes defining the sensitivity classification and user access designation for the information represented by that data element.

Sensitivity classification identifies any financial, operational or reputational risk to the University should that information be used inappropriately.

Access designation identifies if the data represented should be available only to specific users based on their job/position at Notre Dame or if it can be more broadly available regardless of job/position.   

In dataND's reports and datasets the fields shown and their respective data represent "governed data".

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I need data not available in dataND. Who do I contact?

Contact the Office of Information Technologies:  ServiceNow.   

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How does the University determine what data elements may be shared and with whom?

Data Stewards determine what and how widely specific information may be shared. They are guided by several policies associated with information security, handling and responsible use. In addition to these policies, the offices of the President, Provost and Executive Vice President have provided a set of guiding principles to further assist and guide the Data Stewards.

The University intends, wherever and whenever possible, to be more transparent with its data within the Notre Dame community while remaining committed to appropriately protecting Notre Dame from potential but specific risk and safeguarding the privacy and personal information about individuals created, gathered and maintained by the University. 

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dataND ( vs. -- What is the difference?


DataND (

The authoritative site for governed Notre Dame data sources and reports.  Campus users are encouraged to download the information for integration with their own data projects and metrics.

The level of detail one can view is determined by their position with the University.


A place for Notre Dame departments to share internal, non-governed reports


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Why can I not see the same report details as a co-worker?

The ability to see restricted information (for example, salary, ethnicity, gender)  within a given report or data download is associated to one's position at the university. For more information refer to "position based access".

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The information in a report or dataset is incorrect, who should I contact?

Report inaccurate information via ServiceNow. Provide the name of the report or dataset along with your explanation, who to contact for follow-up, etc. Your help in ensuring accuracy of the information is greatly appreciated.

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I need help on how to combine dataND information with my own. Is assistance available?

Yes, dataND information can be downloaded and merged with Excel and Tableau.  Request help from Office of Information Technoligies at ServiceNow.  

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What (or who) is a data steward?

Data Stewards are appointed by the University's Information Governance Committee and are responsible for the appropriate access, use and safekeeping of specific domains of Notre Dame data.  In addition, a Campus Data Steward serves as a contact point and overall coordinator for the various individual Data Stewards.

For more information about Data Stewards you can refer to the University's Information Security policy at, reference the Data Governance portion of this website, or contact the Campus Data Steward directly at  

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Edw Interface Chart

Is Banner data loaded into dataND?

DataND draws from Banner and other university enterprise appications.  

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How do we submit our department's information for consideration to be added to dataND?

All information made available through dataND must be compatible with the governance process. Email the Campus Data Steward.

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Can I save data that I download?

Yes.  Remember:

dataND information is updated periodically your download is just a snapshot in time and will eventually become out of date and need to be refreshed.

Also, you are accountable for handling the information according to the "Responsible Use of Data and Information Technology Resources" policy. The information should be stored and shared accordingly.

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I did an 'Excel" download and now I cannot seem to find it using Excel.  What do I need to do?

To improve download speed the Excel downloads are first compressed into a .zip file format, which is then transferred to your computer.  Therefore, look for a folder with the same name as the report or dataset but ending in .zip  (Chances are it is in your "Downloads" folder.). 

Using your computer's file explorer, find the compressed .zip folder.  Double click on it and you should see the .csv file.  Should you have any difficulties extracting the actual .csv file, simply contact the OIT Help Desk (1-8111) and they can walk you through the steps.

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Is any of the dataND info subject to HIPAA or FERPA restrictions?

When available it will be.  At the current time, no data classified as "Highly Sensitive" is available through dataND.

Certain data about students may be available through dataND and are subject to FERPA restrictions. Data applicable to FERPA restrictions is protected by positoin based access security and is available based on an individual's Position/Job at Notre Dame.

Users with access to student data are required to complete applicable FERPA training and tutorials available at

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 I want to access Reports and Datasets?

Login with your NetID and password.  Click on 'Reports' or 'Datasets' in the upper right of the screen.  (or you can enter a keyword for the report or dataset into the search bar.)

Screen Header

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When trying to print a report,  both Print Preview and the actual print output are not showing the charts/visualizations. What do I need to do?

This limitation is a temporary situation.  The normal printing functionality you are used to will be enabled for dataND in the near future.  

In the meantime, you can use your computer's screen clip tool or "Print Screen" features to capture chart images - or - should you need more thorough print output contact the OIT and someone from the project team will be happy to assist. 

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