Data Stewards

Appointed by the University's Information Governance Committee

Responsible for the appropriate access, use and safekeeping of specific domains of information generated or gathered by Notre Dame.

Data Stewards have the following specific responsibilities:

  • Assess the potential financial, operational and/or reputational risk to Notre Dame that may result from misuse of data within their domain of responsibility and assign those data to one of three sensitivity classifications (public, internal or sensitive). ¬†Note that oversight of Highly Sensitive data elements is reserved for the Information Governance Committee as a whole, regardless of associated data domain.
  • Bear primary responsibility for decisions regarding data usage and handling for the data elements within their domain.
  • Coordinate activities with areas outside their own when data usage, access and/or handling impacts extend beyond their own data domain.
  • Participate in governance certification for data elements and information within their domain of responsibility.